I have been a part of the bdsm and kink community for over two decades. Tickling was my gateway kink and I have decided to turn this passion for kink (especially tickling) into produced clips. Some of my clips are simply straight tickling with minimal dialogue or a “porn plot.” However, moving forward I want to have more of that in my productions. Things come alive when there is banter between the people on screen. Please keep an eye out for more of that going forward.

At this time we are not taking requests for certain models or doing custom clips. This may be something that is considered in the future at which point there will be an update.

What other things besides tickling may Fatguy Films be involved with? It will depend on how well we do with our launch and if there is a demand. One I would like to set up a scene for is with a violet wand. I would need to find the right models, setting, and use a higher end camera for the low lighting to capture the electrical sparks.

With regard to the name Fatguy Films I tried different names in my head, but decided to go with the fact that I’m a fat guy and I should own that and not hide from it. People may have issues with body sizes, but I don’t when it comes to myself and my models. I want fun and real people in my films.

Will there be male on male or female on male tickling or other videos? Possibly, if things go well and there is more budget then I may look into these areas especially if there is demand. The same with female on female should the opportunity arise and business is doing well I will look into this as well.

If you are a model that is open to being tickled and/or do the tickling you can reach out to me directly through the contact page.