Interviewing AmySoles269 and AnnieeToess
Interviewing AmySoles269 and Anniee Toess

Veteran sexy foot models AmySoles269 and Anniee Toess talk to you about foot fetish and tickling, something both ladies enjoy. This isn’t just pillow talk, this is the real deal.

Available 2024-01-21


Anniee Toess

Anniee Toess’ First Tickle Scene
Anniee Toess’ First Tickle Scene

Anniee Toess has done foot fetish scenes before, but this is her first tickling scene. AnnieeToess has her ankles cuffed to a spreader bar and feet exposed ready to be tickled by two eager ticklers. She loves the inner arch of her foot tickled and she is very ticklish. She struggles so much the spreader bar becomes disconnected, but that isn’t enough to deter these ticklers.

Available 2024-01-21

Double Trouble Revenge!
Double Trouble Revenge!

It’s time for AmySoles269 to have her feet tied and tickled. Anniee Toess is eager to dish out some tickling revenge. AmySoles269 begins to regret her choice of going second. Despite any protests made by her she really enjoys the attention her wrinkly feet get as we go to town on her soft and ticklish soles.

Available 2024-01-23

AmySoles269 Loves to be Tickled

AmySoles269 wanted to be tied up and blindfolded. Her wish has been granted as she is bound, blindfolded and topless just waiting for the tickling to start. She is so ticklish her face turns red from laughter. She asks to take a breather now and then, but otherwise loves it and asks for more tickling. She will definitely be tickled helpless at a future time I am sure of it.

Available 2024-01-25

A Foot and Tickle Lover’s Dream

I am surrounded by not one, but two lovely foot goddesses. I tickle Anniee Toess to hysterics as she laughs, screams, pounds her fists, and begs for more tickling. AmySoles269 teases me about my obsession with feet, teases AnnieeToess for how ticklish she is all while stroking my cock. See nearly 20 minutes of uninterrupted tickling and foot worship of Anniee Toess. In the end both ladies are tickled as I cum to the sound of their laughter and their feet in my face. A true foot lover’s dream.

Available 2024-01-27