Bella Ink

Bella Ink is an established model in the fetish and bondage industry based out of Florida. She travels the country doing shoots and private sessions involving a number of kinks and interests.

She is very strong and part of her work involves wrestling. Bella can lift and carry an opponent that outweighs herself.

Bella is also known for being insanely ticklish over her entire body. When tickled she squirms and repeatedly begs for mercy. She loves being tickled just not tickled abuse. Her ticklishness goes all the way to 11!


Bella Ink Pre-Tickle Interview

Bella Ink’s

Pre-tickling Interview

Bella Ink's Sitting Foot Tickle
Bella Ink’s Sitting Foot Tickle

Bella Ink is sitting up on the massage table with her legs stretched forward bound by plastic wrap in her sparkling outfit. Her disco shoes are removed revealing her soft tender soles to you. She descends into chaotic laughter as she is tickled on her feet with a variety of tools, fingers, teeth, and tongue.

Bella Ink's JOI While being Tickled
Bella Ink’s JOI While being Tickled

Bella is sitting up on the massage table with her legs bound by plastic wrap in her sparkling outfit. She attempts to instruct her viewers to masturbate as she is being tickled. She struggles to gets the words and gestures out as she is so ticklish. She knows the male identified viewers have a hard on for her right now and she doesn’t want them to cum until she gives the word. Watch her struggle as she tries to help you get off.

Bella Ink's Propped Up Foot Tickle
Bella Ink’s Propped Up Foot Tickle

Bella has been moved to the bed with her feet propped up on a cushion to give the audience a clear view of her feet and body so they can see her reactions. Dressed in a hot little red number her shoes are removed and her sensitive soles are exposed and right in your face as they are tickled with a variety of tools with or without lube. The vibrating finger toy is strapped to two of her toes as she howls with laughter as her tormentor can focus both hands on her. Watch her bounce, beg, and plead.

Bella Ink's Upper Body Tickle
Bella Ink’s Upper Body Tickle

Taking a view from the side Bella’s upper body and ass are vulnerable to tickle torment. Her tormentor runs a variety of tools, fingers over her tight hot little body causing her to shriek and squirm begging for the tickling to stop and lamenting on her situation. She is rolled on her side and her tight ass is tickled as she struggles to get away from the light touches.

Bella Ink's Topless Tickle
Bella Ink’s Topless Tickle

Still panting from the last tickling her red top is removed revealing her gorgeous breasts for you. The tickling continues on her upper body and breasts. Her breasts bounce and jiggle as she squirms and cries out for mercy with cries of “please…please!” as she laughs harder and harder. At one point she begs for her feet to be tickled instead of her incredibly sensitive armpits.

Bella Ink Post Tickle Interview

Bella Ink’s

Post Tickling Interview

Getting to Know Bella Ink
Getting to Know Bella Ink

You have seen Bella Ink in a number of clips and photos over the years, but how much do we really know Bella? Bella sits on the massage table and answers some questions for the fans. These are a mixture of tickling, career, and personal life questions. The questions have an English text caption of the question displayed while she answers. The whole time you can listen to her and stare at her beautiful feet with light blue toenail polish.

(release date 2022-03-02)

Bella Ink’s JOI for the Fans
Bella Ink’s JOI for the Fans

If you thought Bella being tickled is hot wait until you see her instruct you how to jack off to her feet and her being tickled. Bella gives detailed instructions on jacking off to her as she sits with her feet in the stocks, her soft smooth soles facing you, tempting you. She walks through how she wants you to torment her, how it will make her squirm and laugh and how much you are going to cum from listening to her. This is a truly hot and heavy clip and if you are a fan of JOI instructions you shouldn’t pass this one by!

(release date 2022-03-05)

A Gentle Touch of Foot Tickling
A Gentle Touch of Foot Tickling

Bella Ink is locked in the stocks her toes tied back and her soles exposed. Inspired by her interview I take a gentle, teasing, yet tormenting approach to tickling her exposed soles. I use light slow strokes of my fingers on her soles, feather tickling on one and then both feet at the same time, before using my tongue to lickle her toes. Next Bella is exposed to the vibrating pink feather which gently sends her into hysterical fits of laughter. This only gets worse for her, better for us, when her feet are lubed up and the vibrating feather goes to town on her sensitive toes and soles. Nearly 12 minutes of continuous tickle torment for the hyper-ticklish feet of Bella Ink.

(release date 2022-03-08)

FML Massage Table Tickles
FML Massage Table Tickles

Bella Ink is tied to the massage table with her hands over her head, topless, and ready for some FML (one of her common tickling phrases) tickling. Bella is tickled on her upper body including around her groin, belly, sides, breasts, and underarms. There is some finger and toy belly button tickling as she laughs and squirms on the table exclaiming “fuck my life!” as the tickle torment goes on. There is a good amount of tickling done with the new pink feather toy dubbed “Robo Feather” i.e. “Stand back for there will be tickling!”

(release date 2022-03-10)