Interviewing Eileen
Interviewing Eileen

Eileen talks about her career in the sex industry including her days stripping for The Lusty Lady in Seattle, her tours of the country, and where she is ticklish at.

Available 2022-8-20

Stuck in Stocks
Stuck in Stocks

Eileen is here for her first tickling experience. She is locked in the stocks and tickled on her feet first with her socks on and then they are removed to expose her bare soles. This is an entirely new experience for this long time stripper. She is tickled with fingers, feathers, brushes, sonic tools, and other fun toys.

Available 2022-08-20

Eileen's Ticklish Upper Body
Eileen’s Ticklish Upper Body

Eileen is topless and bound on the massage table tickled from heads to hips. She squirms, laughs, and struggles to avoid the tickling touch. Her armpits are especially ticklish. You can see her breasts jiggle as she giggles to the tickling. There is also a good amount of belly tickling including her sensitive belly button. Do not worry loyal fans, I make sure her sensitive ears and nipples are tickled as well.

Available 2022-08-22

Eileen's Ticklish Pussy
Eileen’s Ticklish Pussy

The focus for the tickling is Eileen’s shaved pussy and inner thighs. She is tickled with vibrating tools including Robofeather and other fun sonic devices. An actual feather is devastating to her exposed and vulnerable pussy. There is even a bit of lube added to make things more intense.

Available 2022-08-24