Interviewing Jamie

These are the pre and post tickling interviews with Jamie Kent showing her enthusiasm for the shoot and talking about her experience aftrerwards.

Jamie Kent Foot Tickling
Foot Tickled and Teased Until She Cums

It is the time for the tickling of Jamie Kent’s size 7 feet as she is bound to the bed in blue lingerie. At first the tickling focuses on her feet with black socks as she experiences the electric toothbrush for the first time. Next I remove her socks and tickle her soft bare feet with and without lube added for effect. She is not a fan of the pet brush, but everything else tickles her a lot causing her to screech, laugh, and squirm about the bed. When it comes to nibbling and sucking her toes it goes right to her clit as she goes from turned on to orgasm from the sensations. Now that she has had an orgasm or two it is time to get back to tickling her in her heightened state of awareness.

Belly Tickles
Belly Tickles Available 2022-09-21

Jamie Kent’s soft jiggly belly is super ticklish. Bound to the bed time is focused primarily tickling her belly with some tickling on her ribs and a good amount on her inner thighs and above and on her pussy. For the belly button fans out there you will love the part where her pierced navel is tickled with a finger as she squirms about laughing and tell me not to do that. This of course encourages me to tickle her even more.

Tits and Pitts
Tits and Pitts – Available 2022-09-23

This clip focuses primarily on Jamie Kent’s beautiful tits and armpits. She is tickled and teased to hysterics as her nipples get more erect from the mixed sensations she is feeling especially when she is tickled while her nipples are sucked on. There is some pussy tickling/rubbing and rib tickling as well. She is so horny by the end of this clip she is eager to cum.

Fingered and Hand Job
Fingered and Hand Job – Available 2022-09-25

We’re both pretty turned on after those scenes of Jamie Kent being tickled and teased. The clip starts off with Jamie being fingered while I occasionally tickle and teasee her. At one point I am fingering her while sucking and licking on her size seven feet and nibbling her toes. She returns the favor later with a hand job which includes some occasional tickling. There is no male climax in this clip.