Magnolia Rain has decided it is time for Krystal Kash to be punished for her misdeads. The tables have turned and she and Genie snow tickle torture poor Krystal Kash on her upper body, thighs, underarms, and a bit on her feet. 

Krystal’s underarms are off the charts ticklish and are no match for the combined effort of Magnolia and Genie.

In the second clip the focus is on Krystal’s feet with a good amount of hip and inner thigh tickling thrown in. She completely loses it when the lube hits her soft soles and then the tickling intensifies.

In the end Magnolia’s husband comes home and feels that maybe Genie and Krystal need some much needed revenge.

Krystal, Genie, and Magnolia are available for customs.

Krystal has an only fans page that you can follow: