Madison is a a fetish model in the Pacific Northwest that is all about having fun with kink and fetishes. This was her very first tickling shoot and she came prepared. Here she is dressed up as the supervillain Kitty Claws. Kitty has placed bombs throughout the city and it is up to a local hero to get the information through tickling.

Check our her interview before we started shooting on the right.

Kitty Claw's Ticklish Feet
Kitty Claws’ Stocking Foot Tickle Interrogation
Ticklish Kitty Claw
Kitty Claws’ From the Feet Up Tickle Interrogation
Kitty Claws Upper Body
Kitty Claws’ Upper Body Tickle Interrogation
Kitty Claws Topless Tickle
Kitty Claws’ Topless Tickle Interrogation