Psykoda and Temptation are not new to the world of kink and fetish modeling, but this was their first tickling shoot. They have known each other for some time and when we reached out to Psykoda she let us know that she had the perfect partner to work with.

Psykoda and Temptation’s Interview

Psykoda is by far the most ticklish of the two. They give you some insights about themselves and let you know where their tickle spots are.

Psykoda is Foot Tickled Over Spoile
Psykoda is Foot Tickled Over Spoilers

Psykoda has let some spoilers out on her social media about The Hunger Games and Temptation is not pleased about it. Temptation confronts Psykoda in the kitchen and decides to drag her away to be punished for her social media spoiler transgressions.

Temptation has Psykoda tied to the bed with her feet propped up. She then begins to tickle and tease Psykoda’s feet as she slowly removes each shoe using a variety of tools and techniques including using lube.

Psykoda's Upper Body Tickled Over Spoilers
Psykoda’s Upper Body Tickled Over Spoilers

Temptation feels that Psykoda has not learned her lesson so she moves to her upper body tickling her inner thighs, hips, belly, waist, ribs, underarms,neck, and ears with a variety of tools. Psykoda pleads and begs to no avail for Temptation is not giving up the district easily.

Psykoda's Revenge on Temptation
Psykoda’s Revenge on Temptation

Psykoda is not happy for being tickle tormented over spoiling a movie and book that has been out for years so she ties Temptation to the bed to exact some tickle revenge from the tip of her toes to her neck and ears.

Post Tickle Interview
Post Tickle Interview

The two models talk about their first tickling experience.